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About this service.

At the beginning it is worth explaining what Wargaming actually is. Wargaming is "war games" played by means of plastic or metal figurines, on a terrain created beforehand called a maquette. Two people are needed for the game, but only when there are more players and a judge, that is a person responsible for interpreting the rules and moot points, the game gets really fascinating and interesting. We play the battles on the maquette and campaigns on a map based on actual historic events.

Our internet site, titled "Wargaming Zone" concerns wargaming in a broad sense. Thus, you can find there not only scenarios of our battles, or comments on them, but also photos of figurines and articles dedicated to military issues.

We hope that our site will be a kind of "window on the world" for the group of our wargaming fans, and that it will help numerous of our Readers reach us.

Interested in contacting us are sent below.

We are interested in many war systems, which means here that we also play them. Currently we most often play the Napoleonic system based on British "Newbury Rules" which we have significantly extended.

Apart from that we are interested in games connected with the World War II, 17th Century wars, and, in the future, many others...

About us.

"I follow the rule that he who does not respect nor values his own past, is not worthy of respect from the present, nor has he the right for the future."

Jzef Pisudski, 1922

The community of Malopolska - the city of Krakw and its adjacencies, means today a group of about 10 people who are joined by the interest in war games, the history of military science and model making. Similar in number is the community of the capital city of Warsaw. There are also several individual people abroad.

We occupy ourselves not with Warhammer but with systems which reflect the realities of battlefield from a particular historical period. Beside the tactical base (for example, for Napoleonic period we use the system "Napoleonic Warfare" Newbury Rules with our own modifications) played on maquettes or simply on a carpet, using fixed elements of terrain, we also try to play campaigns on maps, recently using the internet for communication between the players and the judge.

To play the games we use hand-painted figurines and models of equipment in 1:72 scale. We also make necessary fixed elements or maquettes. Currently, what prevails in our collection is the Napoleonic period, the 17th century and World War II, though our interests reach other times as well. There are no limits so as to that matter. It is just enough when a couple of players want to "put up" a certain army and play. You need appropriate rules, of course. Most often we rely on translations of English rules, but with our modifications.

Our experience with model making has already been a dozen years of co-operation, thousands of painted figurines and hundreds of models, several exhibitions and shows. Model making is just a tool no the aim itself, however, we shouldn't be ashamed of the quality of our works.

The fascination with the Napoleonic period has resulted in our contacting similar groups in Warsaw and Vienna. We would also like to make new ones. For Maopolska at margrafx@poczta.onet.pl or kamp1813@wp.pl, for Mazowsze at hklak@wa.onet.pl.

We most frequently play in Niepoomice near Krakw (Krakw community) or in 55 Mokotowska street (flat 132) in Warsaw because we have there "headquarters", that is, rooms where we can arrange a couple-of-hour battles.

Our hobby requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge (it is not vital, though) so in our group there are some professional historians, but there are also many people for whom it is just a hobby.

Interested in co-operation are more than welcome...

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Want to play? Or just to watch our game? No problem! We are open for everyone interested in historical wargaming. You only have to contact via e-mail an appropriate person:
For Mazowsze, contact Hubert: hklak@wa.onet.pl
For Maopolska, contact Robert: kamp1813@wp.pl
You may also contact this site's editorial staff at margrafx@poczta.onet.pl

Because we deeply care about getting more participants in the game, we ask to contact us. Write and come to see what historical wargaming is about - it may become your new hobby!

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